Nature is wise

The river chooses its course and traces the most direct path towards the shelter of the sea. Seeds choose to grow by making the most of everything the soil has to offer. And animals choose their habitat to grow and live in fullness.

In the same wise, careful and artisanal way, man has learned to choose, collect and cultivate the best products offered by the land.

Nature knows how to choose.

Do you?

When you have to choose a wine, you may feel that natural instinct, which you don’t know why, takes you to a Finca Rodma. Wines created to share, enjoy and feel nature in every sip.

It´s about knowing how to choose.

The trout chooses the river for its waters. Which will become its home. And the eagle chooses the trout that will become its food, making the natural cycle remain in perfect harmony.

Todo se basa en saber elegir.

La trucha elige el río por sus aguas. Y lo convierte en su hogar. Y el águila elige la trucha que le servirá de alimento haciendo que el ciclo natural se mantenga en perfecta armonía.