Nature knows how to choose.

And you?

The trout chooses the river for its waters. And make it your home.

And the eagle chooses the trout that will serve as food, keeping the natural cycle in perfect harmony.

Finca Rodma Selección

The Trout.

The trout chose to live in the unique waters of the Duero River, whose banks give our vineyards such special characteristics, creating the perfect conditions for a demanding terroir full of personality.

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Finca Rodma Avizor

The Eagle

The eagle chose its habitat in the same area as our vineyards, at a considerable height above sea level that forges the indomitable and exquisite character of a grape and, therefore, of an incomparable wine.

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Gran Rodma

The Union.

The eagle chose that the trout would be its prey, keeping the natural cycle beating in perfect harmony in the heart of the Duero riverbank. Just like we choose, one by one, each grape that produces this extraordinary wine.

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